Villa B – Trita

Complex Planet 5 Villa 5 Villa B – Trita

Three-storey houses, which are divided into separate apartments, combining them in such a way as to offer customers affordable opportunities.

This type of house contains a Suite B1 apartment with two floors, with its own yard, a possibility for private pool, with about 130 square meters, while the other apartment (B2) also on the first floor, includes about 90 square meters of space.

Apartment  (B3) which is located on the second floor with about 130 square meters. The last apartment (B4) located on the third floor with about 200 square meters, of which about 90 square meters regard to the terrace, which can be used for maximum relaxation, with the possibility of  greenery or personal pool up on the terrace, ROOFTOP, with a stunning view of the outside environment.