Most frequently asked questions?

Certainly, you will find yourself admiring the beauty of Complex Planet, a Complex with a view of the
most beautiful parts of our capital city, Skopje. By choosing your ideal ‘home’ in this complex of houses,
you will not only offer yourself the comfort of being in an exclusive neighborhood, but also the comfort
of an incomparable living experience.

The access from the highway to the complex is easy and straightforward. The access to the Villas, is one of the characteristics which create the luxury of an easy place to find and orient yourself in.

The complex has an entrance/ exit gate, from where it is possible to connect the roads of the complex with the public road of the area. The Complex road infrastructure contains motorways, sidewalks and passages. The internal traffic of the area is regulated through road signals.


The construction of the complex occupies only 20%, while the other 80% belongs to the greenery. 

The neighborhood “Complex Planet” was planned accordingly with all European Standards, and needless to say, bike trails and all the needs of the residents of the neighborhood are planned, just as the residents deserve. 

Yes, it has been analyzed, thought of and will occur accordingly with the Urban Public Transport, as well as other transport companies. 

In our construction plan, many recreational spaces have been arranged.

A tennis and basketball court, as well as football field and swimming pool.

Another type of recreational spot is the Fitness and SPA Center. Also, there will be a mini-cinema, as well as a library and bookstore. 

This is a good idea, which will be planned in the 50Ha park that we have in the service of our neighborhood, where an outdoor fitness, walking and bike trails, benches, fountains and children playground will be present. 

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