• If you are looking for a neighborhood which is located among the greenery, gardens and parks where you can walk to become one with nature, or where your children can play and have fun, then, Complex Planet offers you recreational spaces. and green so that residents can enjoy the full experience of living close to nature. We have emphasized care and preservation without disturbing the existing greenery of this area lying on 15 ha, in an irregular shape, which gives the possibility of dividing the neighborhood into three parts sweetly connected to each other.
  • The location of this neighborhood is characteristic because it stands between the two largest rivers such as the Vardar River on one side and the Treska River on the other. The winds that will blow in this part will make the place cooler during the summer days, not to mention the fresh air that will be inhaled by the inhabitants and the sun which will accompany us from east to west of the day. You will live not far from the city center, escaping from city noises, dense traffic, polluted air. It is a triangle, from where 15 minutes separate you from Kosovo, 15 minutes from the center of Skopje and 15 minutes from the city of Tetovo.

My Story

  • Skopje should reflect, with an elite neighborhood or residence with conditions and living opportunities for all. I, confessing the realization of this project will seem to have walked on ice but considering all the services offered which are already being realized, it has not been easy.
  • The very fact that we live in a city where expectations are much higher than in any other city in the region, a place where we want to see innovations with European visions, in this city where we deserve to live in even better conditions, I decided  to elaborate this idea by sacrificing both time and energy to the maximum. Out of a desire to live well, the idea spread with the tendency for most of us to enjoy this way of life.
  • I was charged with the most sophisticated “ammunition”, be it legal, professional, creative, to develop myself, the city and the state where we live.
  • Such concepts were my weak point which result in a better culture of living, comfort, tranquility, order and a healthy life, escaping dust, air pollution and dense traffic in the city.  Not coincidentally, this neighborhood bears the name Complex Planet which has its own meaning. We live in this neighborhood as on another planet, with completely different conditions than the city center.
  • I focused on the municipality of Saraj, with more space and resources, as a “source of living” of this form.

Staff values

  • The ‘Complex Planet’ team, from the beginning has been equipped with professionals who have been working this profession for decades with dedication and love, starting from the architect together with me as a designer, as well as the urban planning of the neighborhood by the construction engineer, the surveyor, both known in the region and beyond.

  • We are working with two construction companies which will take care of the complete construction of the neighborhood.  Companies that for years, not only in our country but also abroad, such as Italy have successfully completed all the constructions which they have committed to by respecting all the attributes that are assigned to those facilities.

Strategy, Mission, Vision

  • With clear planning, regular organization, together with the team, with a lot of work and dedication, with no rest, we created a strategy with which from an idea we reached the realization of the project.
  • To bring a new spirit of living, with high standards.  Introduce a new culture of living to the new generations so that they will continue to cultivate it in the future.
  • As soon as possible completion of the project, with all its attributes, with the aim of proceeding with new steps and energy in the future. 

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